Monday, March 11, 2013

Orglamix Update

Hello, everyone!  Awhile back, there was a stir in the makeup blogosphere when it turned up that Cheri Tracy, owner of Orglamix Cosmetics, was selling private label cosmetics as handmade.  Worse still, it was uncovered that she was selling products for uses that they were not approved for, and telling her customers that her products were vegan when they were not.  Photos were circulating of eyeshadow and primer pots with double labels - some with parabens on the ingredient labels, which Cheri claimed were never used in her "all-natural" formulations - and Cheri had no answers for any questions that arose, choosing instead to make extremely unprofessional comments in response before deleting comments and blocking the concerned posters who wanted to know what they (and others) might be putting on their skin.  People were even finding her "product photos" on stock photo sites, meaning that the photos she was using weren't even of the products she was selling.  Shortly after, Cheri ceased anything and everything pertaining to Orglamix, aside from a business venture that popped up later called Three Twelve Tudor (they were reported as selling the cosmetic line at the grand opening, and pictures were posted of the line in the store, but the ensuing uproar caused the incident to be buried quickly without mention.)  I'm sad to say it, but it looks like Cheri thinks the whole thing has blown over and decided to pull her head out of the sand.  I just want to make it clear that Orglamix is not vegan, not handmade, and not all-natural.  There is more on this subject (links to screenshots, photos of double labels, other blogs, etc.) in one of my previous posts.  Please, please, please, I urge all of you to research companies before you buy, because it seems cases like this are popping up all too frequently.  Thanks for reading!
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