Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Butter London Henley Regatta Re-Swatch

Hey, guys! I've got a sparkly mani for you today in my very favorite color. :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zoya Maura Swatch

Sorry it’s been so long since my last swatch!  I painted them a couple of times and didn't get around to taking pictures, and then had a couple of nails break, so I cut them and decided to let them breathe for awhile.  I do have some colors that I haven't posted yet, though, so expect those in the near future!  And just a quick reminder, guys, I am on tumblr now so if you're also on tumblr and you follow this sort of thing there, here's a link.  See today's swatch after the jump!

Monday, September 2, 2013

OPI DS Reserve Swatch

I picked up a couple of light pink polishes awhile back with plans to paint my mom's nails. I was in a bit of a hurry, so when I saw OPI's DS Reserve, I just saw a soft, shimmery pink that I thought my mom might like. She picked the other color, so DS Reserve got tossed in with the rest of the colors and not given a second thought... I'm not sure how I missed it at the time, but I noticed earlier this evening that it had holo glitter and that somehow totally changed my mind and made me want to give it a whirl.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss Swatches

I went to Ulta recently and picked up a few new lip glosses to swatch.  I had several nails break recently, so I'm waiting for them to grow out a bit more before posting more nail polish swatches.  My nail beds are just so tiny, I think my nails look silly when they're cut short and painted.  Anyway, one of the glosses I picked up was a Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss.  Swatches and review after the jump!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Blog!

As a few of you may have noticed on the previous post (or if you "like" the facebook page,) I have a different name attached to the copyright on my photos.  That's because I started a new blog on tumblr in the hopes that since I'm already on tumblr so frequently, it would get me posting more regularly again.  I call it That Lacquer Girl (though I'll still post up about makeup, too, if I get a request or something catches my eye!)  If you're on tumblr and you want to check it out, click on that link and pop on over.  There's only a few posts up right now, but there are plenty more lined up for the near future!  Thanks for reading, and maybe I'll see some of you on tumblr!

Savina Nail Color Famous Fuchsia + KBShimmer Squared Away Swatches

I'm so sorry I didn't get this post up on Monday, guys!  I was having major issues with retrieving my pictures.  I have a little netbook I bought a few years ago for a shortlived business venture.  The screen on my netbook cracked, and most of it is now black.  So I've stopped using it for the most part, and spend more of my computer time on the shared desktop, which is where I do most of my photo editing.  However, the shared desktop has decided it no longer wants to read SD cards, so I had to get on my netbook to get my pictures.  When I logged on at first, the internet worked, and then it stopped working and I had to troubleshoot and reconnect with less than half of the screen visible.  Then when I attempted to E-mail the pictures to myself so I could edit them on the desktop, I kept hitting my attachment limit because they were large images and I hadn't yet cropped them.  So then I also had to crop them with half of the (already quite small) screen.  So by the time I finished adding text and everything, it was late, and I was very frustrated.  So here it is, a couple days late.  Swatches after the jump!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

KBShimmer Totally Tubular Swatch

So I just got three new polishes from KBShimmer for my birthday.  Two that I had been wanting for awhile, and another from this year's Summer collection that called out to me while I was perusing the site.  The latter is called Totally Tubular, and it's the first one I tried on.  Swatch and short review after the jump!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update + Swatch Dump!

Guys, I've started using tumblr, and I can't stop.  I use a different swatch format there that I really like, but the only blog I run is a personal blog, so it's a lot of other crap that isn't beauty-related.  If you're on tumblr and you'd like to follow me, my username is urby87.  If you're not on tumblr, you can certainly still read the blog if you'd like, but you won't be able to comment or reblog or any of the fun stuff that comes with being on tumblr.  I've been thinking about making a new beauty blog on tumblr and/or transferring this one over there.  I've been so MIA lately, and I do apologize for that, but I have been bouncing around with a ton of things lately and haven't had the motivation/money to put out lengthy reviews every week.  Would any of you object to me simply transferring the blog to tumblr?  Are there some of you out there who would really prefer me to keep posting here whenever I can, even if it's very sporadic?  Let me know if you really want to keep seeing updates here, otherwise I may just start a new beauty tumblr and you all can follow me there should you choose.  Swatch dump after the cut!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Orglamix Update

Hello, everyone!  Awhile back, there was a stir in the makeup blogosphere when it turned up that Cheri Tracy, owner of Orglamix Cosmetics, was selling private label cosmetics as handmade.  Worse still, it was uncovered that she was selling products for uses that they were not approved for, and telling her customers that her products were vegan when they were not.  Photos were circulating of eyeshadow and primer pots with double labels - some with parabens on the ingredient labels, which Cheri claimed were never used in her "all-natural" formulations - and Cheri had no answers for any questions that arose, choosing instead to make extremely unprofessional comments in response before deleting comments and blocking the concerned posters who wanted to know what they (and others) might be putting on their skin.  People were even finding her "product photos" on stock photo sites, meaning that the photos she was using weren't even of the products she was selling.  Shortly after, Cheri ceased anything and everything pertaining to Orglamix, aside from a business venture that popped up later called Three Twelve Tudor (they were reported as selling the cosmetic line at the grand opening, and pictures were posted of the line in the store, but the ensuing uproar caused the incident to be buried quickly without mention.)  I'm sad to say it, but it looks like Cheri thinks the whole thing has blown over and decided to pull her head out of the sand.  I just want to make it clear that Orglamix is not vegan, not handmade, and not all-natural.  There is more on this subject (links to screenshots, photos of double labels, other blogs, etc.) in one of my previous posts.  Please, please, please, I urge all of you to research companies before you buy, because it seems cases like this are popping up all too frequently.  Thanks for reading!
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