Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss Swatches

I went to Ulta recently and picked up a few new lip glosses to swatch.  I had several nails break recently, so I'm waiting for them to grow out a bit more before posting more nail polish swatches.  My nail beds are just so tiny, I think my nails look silly when they're cut short and painted.  Anyway, one of the glosses I picked up was a Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss.  Swatches and review after the jump!

I made a swatch collage, so click the picture for easier reading and bigger pictures!  I picked up Papaya Slushie, which is described on their website as coral.  It's a bright, orangey color in the tube, and it goes on the lips a bit brighter than it shows in the pictures.  One coat goes on nice, shiny, and a bit sheer, whereas two coats gives a more intense color, but still not opaque.  I wish these pictures did better justice to the pigmentation, because it really is quite bright with two coats.  I really like that it's not sticky, too.  I've worn it a few times now, and it stays put pretty well unless you're eating/drinking/etc.  In those situations, where you're actually touching something to your lips, it does transfer quite a bit.  One thing I don't care for is the smell.  I can't really describe it -- chalky, maybe?  In any case, it has an unpleasant smell during application and shortly afterward.  Luckily, though, it doesn't linger very long.  Still, I wouldn't recommend it for those of you out there with sensitive sniffers.  If you're looking for a bright, sparkly Summer lip gloss but don't want to go with something heavy and opaque, this would be a great option, as long as the smell doesn't bother you.  If you're sensitive to that sort of thing, I'd definitely recommend seeking out a sample and taking a whiff before you commit to it.  It also comes in a really nice shade of pink, and a nude if you don't care for corals as much as I do.  Have you guys tried these glosses?

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