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I'm a stepmom and I work full-time in hospitality.  I'm twenty-seven, and residing in Iowa.  Previously, my moved frequently due to my dad's military career.  After graduating high school, I spent a year in college with the intention of pursuing a studio arts degree with a minor in vocal music, but ultimately decided that it wasn't worth the stress.  I don't use much makeup in my day-to-day life, aside from nail polish.  In addition to nail polish, I love food, shoes, music, and movies.  I started my blog, which was primarily about makeup, in 2011 as a way to relax and relieve stress.  I didn't wear nail polish at all at the time, and hadn't for years.  I posted my first nail polish swatch about a year later, and now my blog is almost exclusively nail swatches!  Feel free to make a request using the form in the sidebar.  If there's something specific you'd like to see, I'll do my best to get it for you!  Thanks so much for reading!

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