Monday, March 28, 2011

So Appealing Swatches

Shadows from So Appealing applied to skin prepped with shadow poxy from My Beauty Addiction.  Foiled stripes in the center.

Top row, left to right: Soft Brown, Knockout Neutral, Brilliantly Beige, Bruised, Enchanted Forest, and Rum Raisin
Bottom row, left to right: Steely Gray, Foggy Swamp, Fools Gold, Flirtatious

Without Flash
With Flash

At this point I'm thinking my sample for Bruised was way off somehow.  I do love the color I got, but it is nowhere near as bright as the swatches I have seen in the shop listings or on other blogs, which I thought would be remedied when applied with a primer.  Everything else applied pretty vividly and true to the listings.  They apply smoothly, and some of them have a nice sheen to them without being in-your-face sparkly.  When applied over the primer, none of them bled when I ran water over them.  I had to use soap to get them off completely.  If you're considering a purchase from this shop, but unsure of which color(s) to get, I hope this helps you out!

Bokeh Face Cosmetics Swatches + Review

My Order: The Mineral Eyeshadow Sample Mega Pack

Customer service: I had spoken to Natalie regarding my blog before placing my order, a practice I will discontinue to avoid favoritism from this point forward, and the interaction was quite pleasant.  I became a facebook fan and made a comment on one of her posts, to which she also politely responded.

Packaging: My items were mailed in a bubble mailer.  It did not include an invoice, but it did include a handwritten note and several business cards.  Inside of a lime green paper bag, there were plastic baggies of all of the Bokeh Face eyeshadows, each labeled with color names.  It took eight business days to receive my order.

Today's Swatches

Left to right: Flippie Floppies, Grass, and Seaweed

Without Flash


These swatches were done on bare skin.  Flippie Floppies was nearly-matte, while Grass and  Seaweed had a lovely, but not overpowering shimmer.  These swatches were applied using an eyeshadow brush, with a foiled stripe down the center applied with water and an angled liner brush.  There are no swatches on the Etsy listings, so there is nothing to compare to, but these colors are quite saturated.  A little goes a long way with these shadows, and I was pleasantly surprised with the application.  When I ran the swatches under water I noticed that the colors hold up against water fairly well; I had to use soap to get them completely washed off.  When applying the shadow on my eyelid, it started to crease fairly quickly without a primer.  Other than that, gorgeous, saturated colors that go on smoothly and layer well.
I lined my lashline with Flippie Floppies, applied Seaweed to the lid, and added a touch of grass to the outer corner.

Overall: Communication was friendly and timely.  Delivery was fairly quick; it  wasn't the speediest, but I never wondered what had happened to it, either.  Packaging was wonderful, and I will be handing out the cards to anybody who asks about the shadows.  These colors were stunning.  They were smooth and layer well, even without a primer.  A primer would make them even more intense, and undoubtedly help with the creasing issue if you're going for a more dramatic, put-together look.  I put mine together in just a few minutes to snag a picture.  I would love to see swatches of some sort pop up in the Etsy listings, but the photos provided are definitely adequate.  Awesome products.  I look forward to seeing new items in the future, and would definitely recommend the shadows.

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Stuff on the Way!

Last night I made purchases from Linnaeus Cosmetics and Mixology Makeup!  Money has been tight lately, so I want to make sure I have enough samples to last me awhile once my tax return is gone.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

So Appealing Swatches + Review

The Shop: So Appealing

My Order: samples of Rum Raisin, Enchanted Forest, Bruised, Flirtatious, Soft Brown, and Fool's Gold

Customer service: Suzie sent me a convo asking if I was doing a blog.  When I said yes, she said she would send along some extra goodies, which she certainly did.  I don't recall what day I received the order (I should have made note somewhere; I'll have to remember that for next time,) but it was obviously shipped promptly because I placed the order on the 15th and received it before the end of the week.

Packaging: My items were mailed in a bubble mailer.  The eyeshadow samples were inside of small baggies, each clearly labeled with the color, directions, and ingredients.  I received samples of Rum Raisin, Enchanted Forest, Bruised, Flirtatious, Soft Brown, and Fool's Gold, in addition to samples of Foggy Swamp, Knockout Neutral, Steely Gray, and Brilliantly Beige eyeshadows, Sparkling Body Butter, and Intensity Moisturizing Lotion.  The lotion samples were packaged in clamshell jars, which were then placed inside of plastic baggies to prevent leaking during transit, with fairly generous portions inside (especially considering that they were freebies.)  Included was a copy of my invoice with a hand-written thank you note.

Today's Swatches:

Left to right: Bruised, Enchanted Forest, and Rum Raisin

Without Flash


These swatches were done on bare skin.  As you can see, Bruised and Enchanted Forest are fairly matte, but there is a nice shimmer to Rum Raisin.  These swatches were applied using an eyeshadow brush, with a foiled stripe down the center applied with water and an angled liner brush.  I did notice that all of the colors look more saturated in the listing photos, but did not apply with the same intensity.  Bruised was much more blue in the listing photo, but Rum Raisin and Enchanted Forest seem true to the listing photos, if a bit duller.  I did use Bruised as an eyeliner, which looked quite nice, but my camera's battery died conveniently after I took these swatch photos.

Overall: The colors are lovely, but item photos on the Etsy site show super-saturated colors, and the items I received were not as vibrant.  I am sure that applying a primer first and building up the colors would create more vibrant colors, though.  Customer service was excellent; friendly communication, fast shipping, good packaging, included invoice.  The overall experience was wonderful.  The only qualm I have is that the colors are much more subdued than I expected.  I will definitely be ordering more from So Appealing in the future.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bokeh Face Giveaway!

Bokeh Face Cosmetics is doing their first giveaway!  Post on your facebook, twitter, or blog to enter, and then report back to their blog to complete your entry for a chance to win their newest color: Lumpy Space PrincessPost here with your entries!

Welcome To The Blog!

This is a blog where I will be reviewing (hopefully) a few things on Mondays, or at least have news of what's coming for next week.  My first reviews will include the Bokehface Sampler Megapack, and six shades from So Appealing.  Stay tuned!
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