Friday, August 5, 2011

Bonus Post: Random Look

Here's another look for you, my lovely readers!  Today's look is sort of a peacock color scheme featuring three colors from The Starshine Company.  Very bright and bold...  Enjoy!

The look is fairly similar to Monday's.  I started with a layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion, and highlighted my inner corners and brows with Bouffant from Linnaeus Cosmetics.  I started by patting Golden Green onto my eyelids with a large detailer brush.  Next, I switched to my small detailer brush and started a cut crease using Mint Candy out about halfway over my eyelid.  I continued with my small detailer and completed the cut crease with Sea Foam, blending the two colors together where they met in the center.  I created an arc shape and rounded the outer edges of the cut crease.  My lower lashes are lined with Golden Green on the inner half, and Sea Foam on the outer half.  I finished the look by curling my top lashes and applying mascara (I left my lower lashes bare.)


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