Monday, August 22, 2011

Andi Danie Designs Review

Bear with me, guys, because I tried using my new phone for the photos this week.  The colors and focus leave something to be desired, so I'll be switching back to my regular camera next week.

Packaging: My order arrived in a bubble mailer within a few days of my purchase, but I neglected to take pictures right away so I don't remember if it came with an invoice (and I'm not sure whether the tissue paper belongs to this order or not...)


Overall: The pins were as-described (super-cute) and arrived quickly.  There are, as pictured, a couple of sharp edges on the back of the decorative round pieces.  I definitely would file down the edges before giving them to a younger girl, but that's a really easy fix.  They appear pretty solid and well-made otherwise; the round bits aren't just hot glued onto the pins and they don't feel at all loose or wiggly.  I paid $3.00 for the bobby pins and $2.00 for shipping, and I feel that this purchase was worth that.  There are some more pins I saw in her shop that I think are amazing and I'll probably stop back for more in the future.

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