Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting a New Camera!

If you were wondering why I didn't end up posting anything last week, it's because I can't seem to find my camera.  My camera is/was a Kodak Z1275, which I purchased around three years ago.  I used it to take this photo and this photo.  I had previously owned Kodak KZ760 Zoom (which I used to take this photo and this photo) that still worked well for me, but I wanted to upgrade.  I've had that desire to upgrade again recently, and losing my camera has made the decision clear for me: it's time for another upgrade.  I've been researching cameras all morning looking for another point-and-shoot for not a lot of money to take crisp pictures on family outings and for my blog.  I intend to get a DSLR soon, but that will be for specific, planned uses and I want a compact camera for on-the-fly use.  So my apologies, readers, for keeping you hanging last week.  Keep your eyes peeled for a picture-heavy post sometime later today!

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