Monday, November 28, 2011

Lost In Makeupland Swatches

I literally just received this package today.  I ordered full-size jars of Weed, Smurf, and Bruised, as well as sample sizes of Whipped Reflects of Pink, Man in the Box, Trunks, Dawson, Lamu, and Yuu.  I received three extra samples of Libertine, Beverly Hills, and Sweet Valley.  Whipped Reflects of Pink, Sweet Valley, Beverly Hills, Trunks, Dawson, Lamu, and Yuu are part of the new Nostalgia: When I Was Young collection.  I've already posted swatches of Smurf and Weed in my original review.  New swatches after the jump!



These swatches are done on bare skin with a water-foiled stripe down the center (top row,) and skin prepped with MBA Shadow Poxy (bottom row.)  The first picture of each pair is shown under normal indoor lighting conditions, while the second photos are shown with HD fluorescent lighting.

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