Sunday, September 28, 2014

Swatch Dump!

Okay, guys!  I have a few different swatches for you today.  I had intended to post these individually with full reviews, but time got away from me (you know how it goes).  I should have another regular post up again in a few days.

First up to swatch, we have Butter London Slapper and Butter London Knackered.  The photos don't really capture the color, but it looks slightly more accurate in the second photo.  This is a great, saturated teal.  Nice formula with no application issues. I am fairly sure this was two coats.  On my accent nail is a single coat of Butter London Knackered.  Again, no issues with the formula.  It's a lovely sheer polish with holo glitter, and it shifts from a warm purple to sort of a sage green.  I absolutely loved this color combo and I'm definitely going to wear it again soon (I'll try to get a better swatch, too).

My next swatch is Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer Aqua Essence, which is shown here at three coats.  Aside from having to build it a bit for full opacity, no issues with this formula.  This is a pretty aqua color with a touch of golden shimmer, so I decided to pair it with a metallic gold on the accent nail.  That would be OPI 50 Years of Style.  50 Years of Style went on pretty much opaque in one coat, but I did two.  Try as I might, brush strokes were always evident.

And last but not least, we've got Revlon Parfumerie Lime Basil paired with Sinful Colors Nail Junkie.  As you may already know, Lime Basil is from Revlon's scented Parfumerie nail polish line.  It has a crisp, refreshing scent that's very similar to a lemon-lime soda.  The color is sort of a muted kelly green, and I really like it.  It's not quite as bright as it appears in the first photo.  My experience with most of the Parfumerie colors I have is that they start to dry very quickly (but take a while to dry completely), and that can make them a hassle to apply.  There are some exceptions, but that's my general experience.  I think this is two coats, but I may have done a third to even things out.  Nail Junkie is just a single coat, if I remember correctly.  This color has been a bit of an obsession with me lately, particularly when paired with Ginger + Liz I'm So Over Him.  It's a blue-tinted base packed with glitter that gives a very mermaid-y look to whatever color it's worn over.  Fantastic formula.

Remember, you can click any picture to bring up a bigger version and see the detail.  Sorry I didn't have time to do more in-depth individual reviews for these colors, but hey, at least I got them posted!  What do you think of these blues and greens?

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