Monday, April 11, 2011

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Review

The Shop: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
My Order: Sample vials with no specified colors.  I left a note to "Surprise me!"
Packaging: My shadows came mailed in a box in TWO DAYS, with a copy of my invoice and a large baggie with each vial individually labeled with color and ingredients (love when sellers label ingredients individually) inside their own smaller baggie.

Today's Swatches:

Left to right: Cirrina, Robin the Cradle, Nouveau, Metamorphosis, Hedgerow

With Flash

Without Flash

These swatches were applied to bare skin, and skin prepped with Shadow Poxy primer from My Beauty Addiction, with a foiled stripe down the center.  On bare skin, they are fairly subtle; I think the line where the primer was applied is pretty apparent in the swatches.  Some of that may just be due to the paler shades I received, but I can't really tell for sure.  Nouveau and Metamorphosis both have an awesome iridescent shimmer to them that I have yet to see in my (albeit limited) experience with mineral shadows.  The others are a fairly standard shimmery powder.  There is one thing that sticks out to me about these powders: the application is super-smooth and almost creamy.  I accidentally spilled some in the sink, and when it rinsed down, it looked like oil in a rain puddle; I did a little research and found that this is probably due to the magnesium myristate used in the powders, a fatty acid which is used in mineral makeup to aid in adhesion.  When I splashed water over my swatches, it beaded up and rolled off, leaving the shadows completely unscathed, even where primer had not been applied beforehand.  Pretty sweet!

Overall:  I was not wowed by the communication, as I didn't get a convo or personal E-mail from the seller or a hand-written note in my package.  I did get a shipping confirmation E-mail from PayPal saying my package was shipped same-day and it arrived in  just two days.  So the customer service was okay; crazy-fast shipping, but no real communication.  Part of what I like so much about Etsy is the one-on-one transactions: a buyer purchasing something from an artisan.  Without communication, part of that luster just wasn't there.  The colors all look really nice over primer, but I wasn't thrilled with the saturation when applied to bare skin.  What I was impressed with was the consistency and application of the powders and the iridescence of Nouveau and Metamorphosis.  So I got what I ordered and I got it really fast, and the ingredients used to improve adhesion are clearly working. I'll definitely order again because of the awesome composition of the prouct, but my overall impression is kind of 'meh.'

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