Monday, April 4, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics Swatches + Review

Sorry for the delay; here it is!
The Shop: Linnaeus Cosmetics
My Order: Samples of Kitsch, Matriarch, Mondo, Hold Fast, Flutter, and Show Off
Customer service: The samples in this shop normally only include five colors, so I sent a convo to Marin asking about a custom order.  Less than six hours later, she had created a custom listing for me and sent me a link.  After I made my purchase, she sent me a convo letting me know my order as packaged and shipping the next day.

Packaging: My shadows came in a standard mailer with a copy of my invoice and a handwritten note.  The sample baggies were large, each was labeled with the color name and ingredients, and they contained generous portions of powder.  I received each color I requested, plus an extra sample of Kalahari for any trouble that the larger bags may cause in application.  Also included was a smaller piece of paper with mineral makeup tips & tricks.

Today's Swatches:

Left to right: Show Off, Flutter, Hold Fast, Mondo, Matriarch, and Kitsch

Without Flash

 With Flash

These swatches were applied to bare skin, and skin prepped with Shadow Poxy primer from My Beauty Addiction, with a foiled stripe down the center.  They are all fairly saturated even on bare skin, but they look amazing over primer.  Show Off has a little bit of a reddish glitter (which I loved) that doesn't really show in the pictures, but the rest of them have a pearly shimmer; no glitter, nothing in-your-face sparkly.  Show Off, Hold Fast, and Flutter are eye safe but not lip safe, indicated on the ingredient labels.

Get The Look:

I primed my eyes with Shadow Poxy first.  Then I applied a cream-colored highlighter to the inner corner of my eyes, and a lght brown shadow under my brows, both from the same Savvy palette.  Next, I applied a sweep of Mondo to the crease, and extended it toward the outside of my brow.  I applied Matriarch to the remainder of my lid, lined using Kitsch, and applied black mascara.

Overall:  Ordering from Linnaeus Cosmetics was quick and painless, my shadows arrived quickly, and they look awesome.  They go on smoothly, have a nice shimmer, and look lovely.  I have nothing but good to say, and I'll go ahead and say that if you've been considering purchasing from Marin, it's good stuff.

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