Monday, April 18, 2011

Bokeh Face Cosmetics Swatches

No review today.  Instead, I've decided to swatch a bunch of Bokeh Face Cosmetics colors.  Hope you don't mind!  I have unfortunately lost some of my colors, but in this post I've swatched 18 colors for your viewing pleasure.  I'll do another post tonight to finish this up, but my bathroom was invaded about halfway through.

Top row, left to right: 001 Dark Chocolate, 002 Melted Chocolate, 003 Alps, 004 Army Knife, 005 Amethyst Cocoa

Bottom row, left to right: 006 Swiss Vanilla, 007 Metallic Khaki, 401 French Vanilla

Without Flash
With Flash

Top row, left to right: 103 The Brain, 105 Feathery, 106 Cadillac, 107 Tom Cruise, 108 Shannon
Bottom row, left to right: 110 Fur Coat, 112 Candy Mountain, 114 Freakin' Kidney, 116 Grass, 117 Lumpy Space Princess

Without Flash
With Flash

These swatches were done on bare skin with a foiled stripe down the center.  No primer today.  There are definitely some great colors in the Bokeh Face collection, and they all apply and wear well.   A good variety of sparkly colors and more subtle shimmer.  Lumpy Space Princess doesn't look nearly as awesome  in the pictures as it does in person; it has kind of an iridescent gold-ish shimmer to it, and it foils an excellent pale pink.  And I don't normally care for pinks...  I definitely suggest you check out Bokeh Face if you haven't already!

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