Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixology Makeup Swatches + Review

The Shop: Mixology Makeup
My Order: Three Japan Disaster Relief Samples, and a Pick 5 sampler.  I did not ask for specific colors, and instead sent along a description about my skin tone, eye and hair color.
Packaging: My samples arrived in a standard envelope, individually packaged in small plastic baggies with the names of the colors, and where to use them, written on them in permanent marker.  I received Jet powder eyeliner, Ingenue blush, Just Peachy blush, Natural Girl foundation, White Girl foundation, Get Veiled setting powder, and three eyeshadows: Dune, Chai, and Parlay.  Also included was a business card and a nice handwritten note.  They were ordered on 3/20, and marked shipped on 3/21.  On 4/4, I still had not received my products so I sent Rae a convo on Etsy.  She responded quickly telling me sometimes Japan deliveries take longer (which I didn't understand at the time, as I thought she was referring to my disaster relief samples).  On 4/11, I posted on the Facebook page, asking what made the Japan Disaster Relief samples take longer, and she responded on Etsy saying that she had thought when we talked before that my order was shipping overseas and she thought it must have gotten lost in the mail, and would re-ship as soon as possible.  I received them just a few days later.
Today's Look:

Instead of doing swatches with these samples, I did a whole look.  I used White Girl foundation, Just Peachy Blush, Jet liner, and a simple combination of all three shadows.  I did not use a primer beforehand, and I did not use the mineral veil in this look.


Without Flash
With Flash

Note: these pictures made me acutely aware of my current growback issues, which I intend to fix after posting, and for that I apologize...  ANYWAY... The powders seemed... I don't know... chunky?  I poured the foundation and blush out onto paper for ease of application, and while I didn't know what to think about it initially, they did break down with a few taps of my brush.  The foundation has impressive coverage for a mineral powder, and while I don't feel that White Girl was the perfect shade for me, it was a good place to start.  It covered my freckles well (I personally love freckles, but if you want to cover yours you might give this a shot!) and evened out my complexion.  The blush has a bit of shimmer, and while I thought it wasn't quite right for me personally (I felt it was a bit too pink to look natural,) I did think it was pretty.  The shadows were pretty and subtle, which I like for an everyday look.  I used Dune in the corner and the browbone, Chai in the crease, and Parlay on the lid.  Very simple, very quick.

Overall:  I don't fault Rae for my original package getting lost in the mail; these things happen from time to time.  I'm not sure where the misunderstanding about my location came from, but it didn't pose any huge problems.  I have read lots of other blogs where a delay in shipping resulted in a seller sending extras as an apology, but I definitely don't mind that Rae didn't; I got what I ordered and that was fine.  I was impressed with the application of the products, even though I'm not sure the ones I used were quite right for me.  I'll have to do another look with the other foundation and blush and see if I like them better.  I'd order from Mixology again if something caught my eye.

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