Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Swatches + Re-Review

My original review can be found here.

I really loved the way these shadows applied when I ordered my first batch, but I wasn't impressed with the colors or the customer service.  So I decided to order another batch of samples in brighter colors and do a follow-up.

My Order: Sample vials in Mythic, Caged Canary, Insomnia, Draconia, and Phoenix Tears.
Packaging: My shadows were packaged in a box and arrived quickly, though they were lost for awhile  after I received them and as a result I don't recall the exact ship time.  A copy of my invoice was included, and a baggie held all five vials, individually labeled with ingredients and each inside their own smaller baggie.  Packaging was pretty much identical to the original order, so I won't post a photo this time.

Today's Swatches
Left to right: Mythic, Draconia, Caged Canary, Phoenix Tears, and Insomnia

With Flash

Without Flash

Overall: These swatches were applied to bare skin, and skin prepped with Shadow Poxy primer from My Beauty Addiction, with a foiled stripe down the center on the top row.  These colors were much more vibrant than the first ones.  Mythic is a very sparkly violet purple; it looked nice applied to bare skin, but really popped over primer.  Draconia was more green than I thought it would be, but I still really like it.  Caged Canary is an awesome vibrant yellow.  Phoenix Tears is sort of a peachy orange, and while it's sort of lackluster applied dry, it is a lovely shade applied over primer.  Insomnia is a bright, bubblegum pink; it reminds me of when I worked in a lab and had my hair dyed pink, which I loved.  I liked all of these colors significantly more than my first batch, and they all apply smooth and silky like the others did.  Phoenix Tears and Insomnia kind of missed the mark applied dry, but they look absolutely awesome over primer.  The communication was nonexistent once again this time around, but I was much more impressed with the colors.  I can honestly say after seeing some more colors from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics that I would recommend their products.  They have a variety of colors, some bold and some much more subdued, so you can definitely find something for any occasion.  Unless not getting a convo or handwritten note from your seller is a total dealbreaker, it seems like a good shop to order from.  High-quality products, fast shipping, and a broad spectrum of colors to choose from.  Try 'em out!


  1. I just got my 5 pack of samples yesterday & was very impressed that they were shipped in a box rather than a padded envelope to prevent breakage. Also, my package was shipped the day after I ordered & arrived promptly so this was also a plus. I've swatched all 5 colors on my hand & can't wait to wear them.

  2. I greatly appreciate the fact that the vials are shipped in a box, and I did note that both of my orders were shipped super-fast, too!


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