Monday, May 9, 2011

Linnaeues Cosmetics Swatches

Today, I'm showing swatches of five fabulous colors from Linnaeus Cosmetics.  I ordered the brush-tailed wallaby collection, and received Bouffant and the green mantella collection as freebies for featuring the company on my blog.  I ordered full sizes of Kitsch, Matriarch, Mondo, Hold Fast, Flutter and Show Off (I've swatched these colors in my original review for Linnaeus) four days later for my sister's birthday and got a free sample of Those Gams! because of a special Marin was running in her shop.  Marin offered to combine my orders, which I appreciate, and offered three more free samples to offset the additional shipping costs.  I chose Lanky, Balancing Act, and Bombastico.  Marin has such wonderful communication; I cannot even tell you how awesome it is!  And in addition to being vegan, her colors are gorgeous!  I'll swatch the rest of my colors next week...

Left to right: Zippy, Cliff Line, Sprightly, Those Gams!, and Bouffant

 Without Flash
With Flash


  1. Gorgeous! As I've said before, I love how you incorporate the different techniques that can be used to apply loose eye shadows :)

  2. Thanks, Marin. :) I've decided that this is my favorite swatching method, and will be using this one moving forward. Glad you like it!


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