Monday, April 2, 2012

Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss + Palladio Plump 'n' Shine Swatches

Hey, guys!  I feel like this week went by really slowly for some reason, and it's been forever since I wrote a blog post.  So I guess that might be why I decided to show you two products this week.  The first item is something I've shown briefly on the blog before, but didn't really talk about, Palladio Plump 'n' Shine.  The other is a product I've been meaning to write about for some time and just haven't gotten around do doing so, Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss.  I will be swatching three colors of each today.  Pictures after the jump!
Palladio Plump 'n' Shine
This gloss has a nice formula; it's thick, but not overly sticky.  Like most plumping glosses, it has a tingling sensation when applied to the lips.  It has a strong vanilla smell, a minty flavor, and lots of shine.  I do notice a plumping effect, but it isn't instantaneous or dramatic.   I chose three colors to swatch for this review: Sheerly Pink, Coco Creme, and Clear.  Click any photo to enlarge.
 Sheerly Pink
 Coco Creme

Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss
This gloss has a very similar feel to the Plump 'n' Shine gloss, minus the plumping tingle.   I had expected the formula to be a little thinner, and the colors to be more sheer.   To my surprise, the colors don't require too much building to obtain a fairly solid color.  When they wear down, they can get a bit  of a gritty feel to them, which is a mild annoyance.  I have definitely used glosses that are more gritty than these, though, and it doesn't happen until they've been on for awhile.  I chose three colors to swatch for this review: Sunset, Naked, and Passion Pink.  Click any photo to enlarge.
Arm Swatches
Passion Pink

Thank you all for reading!  Do you have any Palladio lippies?

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