Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SUPER BLACK Lacquers Drunk Dial Swatches

Guys, this is something I have waited a looong time to get my hands on.  Back when I made my first order from SUPER BLACK Lacquers, this color was sold out, so I had to wait until a) it was back in stock, and b) I had some extra money burning a hole in my pocket to place another order with.  Swatches after the jump!

Swatches show three coats of Drunk Dial by SUPER BLACK Lacquers and three coats of Party Peach by e.l.f Cosmetics topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.  As per usual with SUPER BLACK Lacquers, I was very impressed with the formula of Drunk Dial.  It's an absolutely gorgeous magenta jelly with red, gold, and orange hex glitters of various sizes.  Love it!  Party Peach, on the other hand, somehow managed to be quite opaque, yet also streaky.  And it looks absolutely nothing like its advertised swatch, which appears to be a deep orange with lots of gold and orange shimmer.  In the bottle, you can see quite a bit of the gold shimmer, but on the nail you can hardly see any!  The base color is significantly lighter than the e.l.f swatch, too.  I was quite disappointed with Party Peach. Swatch from the e.l.f. website shown below for comparison.
Image property of e.l.f. Cosmetics and shown for demonstrative purposes

So anyway,  I continue to be impressed with SUPER BLACK Lacquers, but the e.l.f. was a total miss for me.  I have a handful of other colors I ordered from them, but I probably won't order any more polishes from them in the future unless I hear that they've been reformulated.  I mean, I know it's cheap, but would it kill them to either give me the lovely shimmery polish in that swatch, or at least use a swatch that actually shows what the color looks like?  What do you think?

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