Friday, April 10, 2015

Zoya Aurora Swatches

Hey, guys!  I am so sorry I have been late posting recently!  Unfortunately, I suffered two breaks on my swatching hand over the last last week, and today was the first day I've seen the sun in a while.  I struggled trying to decide whether or not to trim my other nails, but the weather wouldn't have been cooperative for swatches, anyway.  Now that I finally got some swatching weather, I went ahead and trimmed my nails and put on a new color, which you'll see below.  Click through to see the rest of the swatches.

Swatches show three coats of Zoya Aurora.  The first photo shows direct sunlight, the second shows HD fluorescent, and the last shows incandescent.  Aurora is a warm purple with a prominent scattered holo.  I'm not sure what was up with the first two coats; maybe I just went for the second coat too soon, but it was slightly uneven at two.  So I put down a third coat to level it all out, and that was great.  This formula is in the same vein as Dream, which I swatched a while back.  Aurora dries to a nice, smooth finish, and is truly stunning when the sunlight hits!

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