Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Random Look!

Woo!  Hello, lovely readers.  Like I said, I was super excited about my shadow samples from The Starshine Company.  So I decided to make a look with them, and here it is...


Without Flash

With Flash

For starters, I primed my eyelids with Shadow Poxy from MBA.  Then I applied foundation to my whole face (I used Bare Minerals in Golden Medium.)  I used a very small amount of Bouffant from Linnaeus Cosmetics for a highlighter beneath my brows and in the corners of my eyes, but the other colors are all from Starshine.  I applied Chartreuse  on my lids and attempted a cut crease using Mermaid, adding a tiny bit of Envy directly on the crease and the outer corners of my eyes, and proceeded to blend, blend, blend.  I lined using Rain and applied Chartreuse and Mermaid to the lower lashline to bring it all together.  Lastly, I applied mascara.  To me, this looks really similar to some of my other looks, but I swear they are not all the same, you guys!  I hadn't intended this one to be so catty around the outside corners, but I ended up liking it that way.  I want to do something in pinks and purples next...  Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for reading.


  1. Jessica, what a stunning transformation! I'm always shocked at how different I look with/without makeup or my glasses ;) Guess there really is something to the "alter ego" mystique, eh?

    BTW, hope you don't mind me tagging you: you can choose to play along or not as you like ;)

  2. Thanks, Lizzy! The funny thing is that other than messing around experimenting with makeup, I don't usually wear anything but an SPF lip balm (and my glasses, which I usually take off for looks so you can see them better.) It always surprises me how different I look with makeup on because I'm not used to it. I just like to play... :)


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