Monday, June 20, 2011

Gudonyatoo Review

The Shop: Gudonyatoo
My Order: I ordered a 4 oz. jar of Salty Dawg Creme Shampoo in Original Citrus Blast, and a set of three Baby Legs Glycerin Shaving Soap Sticks in Coco Lime.  I placed my order on 6/5 and it arrived 6/14, so the shipping was timely.
Packaging:   My order was shipped in a bubble mailer with a copy of my invoice.  There was a handwritten note on the invoice and my products were individually wrapped and labeled appropriately.  The shaving soap sticks had sort of smooshed together a tiny bit, but the weather is quite warm here and they weren't broken or anything.  I have a picture of the packaging and when I can track down my camera I will edit the post to include it. 

Overall:  I have to admit, I discovered this shop years ago on my old Etsy account when it was still just Gudonya.  I instantly fell in love with their Lip Smoothies (which, sadly, appear to be discontinued) and Whipped Clean body wash.  Most of their products are vegan, and although I don't  personally make that a requirement it's nice for those that do.  The company was sold and, since Etsy guidelines prohibit the sale of a shopfront, it was opened under new management with the same familiar recipes as Gudonyatoo. I have had nothing but prompt and friendly service from Gudonya and Gudonyatoo.  As I stated above, this particular order arrived in just over a week from the date it was ordered, and I can't recall anything that ever took a long time to arrive in my previous experiences.  Now on to the product...  I selected items I've never used before; the idea of a handmade creme shampoo has appealed to me for quite some time, but I never worked up the nerve to actually try it.  I'm not exactly sure why, but I figured now was a good time to do it so I could share my experiences with all of you, my lovely readers.  The shampoo has a gritty consistency straight out of the jar, as I expected.  The amount of lather it created surprised me, and my hair did feel squeaky clean after using it.  The scent was not quite what I thought it would be from the description; I definitely smelled the yuzu, but it was much more minty than I expected and I had assumed it would be more of a light fruity scent.  It was a nice refreshing scent, but I was definitely thinking it would be fruitier.  I used it twice before doing the review because I have long, naturally wavy hair that knots really easily.  So the first time I used it I didn't use a conditioner just to see how clean my hair looked and felt, and I was really impressed.  The formula made my hair feel really clean, and the fruity-minty smell was refreshing and lasted a LONG time even when I wore my hair down.  My hair was shiny and it felt clean, and it smelled fantastic right up until I needed another shower; I did notice that without a conditioner it did not have the smooth and silky feeling and it did get quite tangled.  When I followed washing with conditioner, it was perfect: clean, shiny, and tangle-free.  I wouldn't recommend it as a two-in-one, but it's not advertised as one and the shop does offer conditioner in coordinating scents.  The shaving bar did not have the yellow glaze shown in the listing image, but that's a minor detail.  They have a fine layer of what I'll refer to as "awesome scrubby stuff" on top, which makes for a gentle scrub to remove the dead skin cells from your legs while you shave.  (Go read any Summer magazine with tips for the perfect tan, and the number one tip is exfoliating 99 percent of the time.)  The scent, again, was not quite what I expected.  More coconut than lime and I had hoped that this would be really similar to the Coconut Lime Verbena scent I love so much from Bath & Body Works.  But just like the citrus blast, it's still a refreshing scent; unlike many coconut scents, it does not remind me of suntan lotion in the slightest, which to me is a big plus.  It didn't bubble up as much as the shampoo; it was a richer, creamier lather that was indeed great for shaving.  My legs felt silky smooth afterward and I didn't notice any dry patches, which can be an issue for me.  I was really pleased overall with these products.  The shampoo worked great with a conditioner, and I really just think that it's my frizzy out-of-control hair that made it not work out better by itself.  The shaving bar had a perfect lather for shaving, the exfoliant layer is nice, and  my legs were still moisturized after I dried off.  Mission accomplished, Gudonyatoo!  I would definitely recommend this company to anybody and everybody who is looking for fantastic indie bath and body products.

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