Monday, July 4, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches + Review

The Shop: Shiro Cosmetics
Packaging: Everything arrived in a bubble mailer, with the shadows in a cute cellophane bag.  In addition to my original order, there was a copy of my invoice with a quick thank you written on it, a business card, two pieces of Japanese hard candy, and two free samples: There Will Be Cake and Temple of Time.  The sample baggies all had stickers with color names, ingredients, and a note of whether or not they are safe for lips.  I placed my order on 6/14, and received it on 6/20, so it shipped really quickly.

Today's Swatches: Batch 1 - left to right: Puzzle Cube, Master Sword, Deku, There Will Be Cake
 Without flash
With Flash
Batch 2 - left to right: Unsatisfactory Mark, Thinking With Portals, Pikachu, Temple of Time
Without flash
With flash

Batch 3 - left to right: Midna, Lance The Dragon Trainer, Gyarados, Bulbasaur
Without flash
With flash

These swatches were applied to bare skin with a foiled stripe down the center (top row,) and skin prepped with Shadow Poxy from My Beauty Addiction (bottom row).  The application was good without primer, especially with the richer colors.  Most of the shadows had a subtle shimmer without glitter, but Pikachu has red sparkles mixed in and Puzzle Cube has iridescent glitter.

Overall: The customer service is top-notch!  I definitely feel that Caitlin appreciates her customers and loves what she's doing.  I also think her branding is really interesting and cute; all of her eyeshadows are inspired by and named after elements of various video games, and her intertubes lip balms are named after internet memes (Google 'em up if you don't already know: Numa Numa, Rick Rolled, and Leroy Jenkins, to name a few.)  The shadow application was great with a primer, and fair without; some colors were definitely better without than others.  The colors themselves are awesome.  I thought that Puzzle Cube would be more opaque; it's not quite what I was expecting, but I LOVE it.  Unsatisfactory mark is the truest red in my current collection of mineral eyeshadows, and I like that the brights I ordered don't have a ton of shimmer.  I will definitely be keeping an eye on Shiro Cosmetics to see if Caitlin comes up with any pretty new colors I want to try.  Shiro Cosmetics has a wide selection of gorgeous colors and fabulous customer service; I would definitely recommend Shiro to anybody who hasn't tried them yet.


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