Monday, January 9, 2012

Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer Oh Sooo Good!! Swatches

Okay, guys!  Since I didn't get around to posting anything last week, I'm going to do a double-post today.  My first post is a review of Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer, and I will also be posting a nail of the day featuring A second Pixel color topped with Butter London.

I picked up two shades of Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer at Ulta.  They retail for $2.49, but it appears they're currently on sale for $1.99.  I wanted neutral shades, so I picked Fresh & Frosted, a pearly brown with a slight pink tint, and Oh Sooo Good!!, a sheer brown with lots of bronze-y sparkle.  The bottles are quite small, containing only .17 oz. of polish.  The polish itself is fairly thin and quick to dry.  It showed wear at the tips of the nails on the second day, and started chipping noticeably the next day, despite using a coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom before applying.   These photos were taken on the second day, so you'll see the wear for yourself in the swatches. Now, to be fair I'm quite rough on my nails.  I work in clothing retail, so I'm straightening denim, folding, typing on a keyboard, etc. at work and then making dinner and doing dishes when I get home.  And I really haven't worn nail polish in years, so I don't really have anything to compare to.  Swatches after the jump.

This is Oh Sooo Good!!, and this particular color was quite sheer, so I had to build it up a bit.  I believe the swatches show two coats.  It is a pretty color, and I do like that it doesn't take forever to dry.  I could pretty much apply a coat as soon as I finished the previous one.  So overall I liked this polish even though it showed wearing fairly quickly.  I want to try wearing this polish with a topcoat instead of a basecoat to see if that extends it wear.  I would recommend giving this a try if you like the colors.  For less than two dollars, it's worth a shot.

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