Monday, October 10, 2011

Moi Minerals Swatches + Review

The Shop: Moi Minerals

What I ordered: A set of the new MOI Minerals Dazzlers
Packaging: I placed this order 9/12/11, and I believe it took a little over two weeks to arrive.  Not bad considering that MOI is based out of Canada.  It came via air mail wrapped in paper and some sort of sticky stuff keeping it all tightly bound together, sealed with a custom MOI sticker.  I've never encountered shipping materials quite like this, but it wasn't off-putting at all.  Inside the package was a business card with a handwritten note, and a baggie containing all of my sparkly pigments.  I received a complimentary shade because of a printer malfunction that resulted in a shipping delay.
Today's Swatches:


These swatches were done on bare skin (top row,) and skin prepped with UD Primer Potion.  They were exactly as described -- "All the Love of Sparkles but without Glitter!"  Here's a look I did with them (I've already worn this one to work; it's so soft and pretty!)  I used Pink Diamonds on the lid, Brah in the crease, and Fuzzy Navel as a highlight on my browbone and inner corners.  I was also wearing a tinted moisturizer from Ulta that has some shimmery stuff in it, so please excuse the excessive shininess.

Overall: I was very happy with the communication throughout my order process.  On /9/18, I received an E-mail from Holly, the owner, letting me know that there had been issues with her printer.   The result was a delay in getting some of the orders processed, and she let me know she had included a freebie for the wait.  She E-mailed again on 10/3 to make sure everything had arrived safe and sound.  When I replied that I had received the pigments but that one of them had leaked, she insisted she would re-send it with some samples.  Now that's what I call customer service!  I recently had a customer service experience that was the exact opposite of this, so I was really appreciative of Holly's constant contact and willingness to resolve issues. She communicated with me the whole time, and when something went wrong, she made it right.  Aside from communication, I was really impressed with the adhesion to my bare skin with these pigments.   I did use a primer to prevent creasing and fallout, but I really think you could wear these shadows alone for something  with a little less prep work.   Another thing I noticed is that the labeling was thorough;  the company name, address, net weight of product, and product name appears on every jar.  That is a major plus!  The colors are gorgeous, too, and I love that they are sparkly without being glitterbombs.  A good mix of warm, soft colors and rich, cool colors.  Snap up your set today!

Would I recommend them?:  Absolutely.
Do you have any of your own Moi Minerals makeup?  Do you love it as much as I did?

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