Monday, October 3, 2011

Facebomb Cosmetics Swatches + Review

What I ordered: A Random Grab Bag (not available to link at the time of this post)

Packaging: I placed this order 9/12/11, and it arrived 9/17/11 in a bubble mailer.  Inside the bubble mailer was a cute little cellophane bag tied with ribbon, and a copy of my invoice with an ingredients list stapled to it.  I got two colors in jars and three samples in baggies.

Today's Swatches:


These swatches were done on bare skin (top row,) and skin prepped with primer (bottom row.  It's UD Primer Potion or MBA Shadow Poxy, but I prepared these weeks ago so I honestly don't remember which one I used.)  I made an additional swatch of Electric Avenue over primer with Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.  Here's a few shots of a quick look I did with them.

Overall: These shadows adhered pretty well to my bare skin, which is a plus, but the primer set them off exponentially.  And my order shipped really quickly, to boot!  The look I did was pretty soft, but overall these colors are pretty intense with a good deal of sparkle.  Link is a sparkly deep, olive-forest green.  Powder Keg is a sparkly bright blue.  Electric Avenue is a sparkly, glittery medium purple.  P.S. I Love You is a sparkly frosty pink that reminds me of cupcakes.  Lollipop Chainsaw is a shimmery white with blue glitter.  The only thing that I didn't like was the generic ingredients list stapled to my invoice; I would prefer to have individual lists on my jars so I know exactly what's in each pigment.  Shipping was fast, the colors are interesting, and they blend quite well. 

Would I recommend them?:  Absolutely.


  1. Slight side question......what eyeliner are you using in these pics?

  2. I use a foiled pressed black liner from Sally Beauty. It's by Femme Couture and it came as a duo with a charcoal grey I never really use.


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