Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mystery Pahlish Swatch

Today I have a mystery Pahlish to show you!  Pahlish does kind of a fun thing in their shop where you can purchase mystery colors at a discount.  According to the listing, " These bottles consist of prototypes, colors that did not get released, test bottles, and "oops" batches which can include polishes with some sinking glitter."

The base for this mystery Pahlish is a dark tealish-navyish jelly and it is packed with glitters in various sizes, shapes, and colors (I've picked out blues, greens, purples, and a hint of red, but there may be more that I can't see).  It dries to a semi-matte finish, so I added a top coat for shine.  This particular shade does not look like anything in the current Pahlish inventory (or like anything I've seen swatched) and it came with a big, fat "?" on the label, so I imagine it's an experimental color.  It was very difficult to photograph, and is more green-leaning in person.  Maybe we'll see a refined version of this in an upcoming collection, who knows?  Swatch shows three coats of the mystery Pahlish shade, and two coats of Sally Hansen Calypso Blue on the accent nail.  Calypso Blue is a really shimmery turquoise blue (also more green-leaning in person).  For some reason when I first bought it, I found it to be really streaky and I hated it.  I've used it a couple of times pretty successfully recently, though, so maybe my technique has improved.  Whatever the reason, I quite like it now.  You can still see my brushstrokes a little in the photos, but they aren't bad at all in person.  Both shades are topped with used Sally Hansen 30 Second top coat.  What do you think?  Have you taken a chance on a mystery Pahlish yet?

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