Thursday, February 13, 2014

Swatch Dump!

Okay, I know it's been awhile, but I come bearing swatches!

For this NOTD, I used two coats of Butter London Giddy Kipper and three coats of Butter London Indigo Punk on the ring finger for a glitzy accent nail.  Giddy Kipper is a nice, shimmery "blurple" color that goes on smoothly and is fully opaque in two coats.  Just like Henley Regatta, Indigo Punk is a fine, evenly distributed glitter polish in a clear base that dries smooth and looks super-sparkly with a top coat.
Two coats of Sally Hansen Jaded topped off with two coats of China Glaze Bells Will Be Blinging.  Bells Will Be Blinging is a mix of medium blue and silver hex glitters and holo silver bar glitters in a clear base.  I didn't have to fish for glitters or place glitters; the suspension is great.  This topper can be found as part of the Holiday 2013 Be Bright set.
Two coats Savina Nail Color in Famous Fuchsia topped with two coats China Glaze in Be Merry, Be Bright and OPI Top Coat.  Be Merry, Be Bright is a clear base with two sizes of glitter in royal purple and hot pink.  Again, this glitter topper has a good formula with exceptional suspension. It can be found as part of the Holiday 2013 Be Bright set.
Two coats of China Glaze Mingle with Kringle and Two coats of KBShimmer Get Clover It (ring fingers only) with a coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom.  Mingle With Kringle is a smooth, opaque gold polish, and I especially like the depth that it gave to the jelly base of Get Clover It!  It does have a bit of an almost flaky (for lack of a better word) finish, but that's easily remedied with a top coat.  It's also part of the Holiday 2013 Be Bright set.
This one’s kind of a doozie…  My first attempt at galaxy nails!  I started with two coats of Orly Liquid Vinyl, then sponged on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blizzard Blue and Purple Potion.  The sponging is fairly random, but mostly concentrated in one spot leaving some black exposed.  I added a spot of Pixel Pixel Dust wherever the color was heaviest, but my bottle of Pixel Dust has thickened and it kind of made a lump on each nail.  I tried to even things out by adding some China Glaze Optical Illusion, which I ended up really liking and wishing I hadn’t used the Pixel at all.  I topped everything off with two coats of Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond.  This photo was taken after three days, I believe, so pardon the tip wear.
Five (five!) coats of Formula X for Sephora in Danger Zone...  I’ll post a photo with natural lighting at some point (this was taken with an Ottlite.)  Danger Zone is a gorgeous color with a matte finish and some iridescent shimmer, but it’s obviously quite sheer if I still have visible nail line at five coats…  Kinda brush streaky, too, but I'm of the impression that this is normal for a matte finish.  Also chipped much faster than other polishes, but again I've heard that's common for matte finishes.  I’m definitely going to try more from the Formula X line, but this wasn’t a stellar first impression.
Two coats Zoya Dream, one coat Orly Top 2 Bottom.  That's it!  Dream is a royal blue jelly base with fine blue glitter and scattered silver holo glitter, and I LOVE IT.  Great formula, great color, great glitter distribution.  I get the feeling I'll be wearing this pretty frequently.

Two coats of Zoya Belinda, Two coats of OPI Can’t Let Go, Formula X for Sephora Top Coat.  Belinda and Can't Let Go both have a good formula.  Can' Let Go is a liquid sand finish, so it's got a kind of sandpapery feel to it and the color lightens up quite a bit as it dries (It's a gorgeous royal purple in the bottle.)  You can use a topcoat to smooth it out, but this swatch is shown without.  I had a bit more tip wear with this mani than I usually see, but I still like it.

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