Wednesday, April 23, 2014

SUPER BLACK Lacquers Spanked + Bazillions Swatch

Okay, so I've had this photo ready to go for several days now and just haven't gotten around to actually posting.  These are my last two colors from SUPER BLACK Lacquers (for awhile, anyway,) Spanked and Bazillions!
I am fairly certain that the swatch shows two coats of Spanked and three coats of Bazillions with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, but I might be off.  I did this mani about a week ago, so I just can't remember for sure.  I really like the way Spanked looks in bright light, but it's darker than I expected it to be in most lighting conditions.  And Bazillions pairs really well with it, which is awesome.  Based on the website swatches, I expected Spanked to be a bit more pink and Bazillions to be a bit more purple, but I do like the colors despite that.  Spanked is described as "a wine-colored linear holographic polish.  Shimmering cranberry red in low light, with a prismatic holo effect in sunlight or full-spectrum indoor light," and Bazillions as "A sheer black base filled with fine fuschia holographic glitter, accented with purple, holographic pink, and holographic silver glitters," which I would say is accurate of both.  Formula for Bazillions is a bit thin, and there is some fishing that needs to be done for the bigger glitters.  Formula for Spanked is on the thicker side, and takes some patience to get it just the way you want it.  Anybody else have that issue with Spanked, or is it just me?  I will say these are probably my least favorite SUPER BLACK Lacquers in my collection.  That's not to say that I don't like them (I do,) because the colors are really pretty, and they pair so well together!  They're just not as easy to work with as my other SBLs.  Still much, much better than some others I own, just not as wonderful as, say, Slap Happy or The Bends (which I really need to get around to re-swatching.)

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