Friday, March 6, 2015

First Impressions - FingerPaints Smooth Over Ridge Filler + Grab It! Base Coat

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Hey, guys!  Today I've got a couple of new products to show you from FingerPaints.  These items were kindly sent for me to review.  When I was initially contacted about these products, I was particularly interested in one item: Smooth Over Ridge Filler.  I haven't invested in a ridge-filling base coat because not all of my nails have ridges, but I do have one very prominent ridge that was caused by a nailbed trauma I suffered at the proverbial hands of a swingset chain while babysitting in my late teens.  Warning: the remainder of this introductory blurb is somewhat graphic and may cause unpleasant mental imagery, so please skip the italicized portion if you are sensitive to that sort of thing.  One of the kids ran out in front of me while I was swinging with the other kid, and in I dug my toes into the sand in order to avoid hitting him.  I had simultaneously tightened my grip on the chain - which resulted in my finger getting caught in one of the links - and it got a pretty good yank as I slid off of the swing and to the ground.  A bit of my cuticle ripped, and a small portion of my nail grew out black.  Ever since that incident, my nail has had the gnarly ridge you see below.

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This is what Smooth Over Ridge Filler loos like applied.  You can see it's not completely smooth, but it's a far cry better than my bare nail.  It also helps smooth out any other non-ridge imperfections you may have to make a nice, even surface for painting.  I used this in conjunction with the Grab It! Base Coat for the mani I posted on Wednesday and had only minor tip wear by the end of the third day without using a top cat.  That might not sound like much to some of you, but for me it's exceptional; as much as I'd like to, I don't go easy on my nails and usually see some chipping within a few days.  I will say the Grab It! Base Coat does go on with a bit of the green tint you see in the bottle, so I wouldn't recommend it if you're wearing a sheer look.  In most cases, though, the lacquer shade will cover up what's under it, so that won't be an issue.  Overall, I really like both of these products, and will continue using them in my routine.

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