Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rainbow Honey Crystal Sword Swatches

Hello!  My apologies for not getting this up on time.  The weather here was pretty gloomy yesterday and it's even worse today, so I'll have to update this post later with outdoor lighting.  :(  Without further ado, the remaining color from the Rainbow Honey March Mystery Bag, Crystal Sword!


Swatches show three coats of Rainbow Honey Crystal Sword with two coats of Formula X top coat.  First photo shows HD fluorescent lighting, second shows regular incandescent lighting.  Crystal Sword is a sheer pink base loaded up with all kinds of glitter!  There are white hexes, pink hexes, pink stars, and a mixture of silver holo shapes (small hexes, bars, squares, and butterflies).  All of that, plus gold shimmer!  It's really pretty if you like sparkly polishes (what a glitterbomb!) and a great shade for Spring.  My bottle was pretty thick, and it dries pretty lumpy because of all of the glitters.  Even a second layer of top coat didn't smooth everything out completely, but it got pretty close.  What do you think of Crystal Sword?


  1. I didn't know there was stars in this. I hadn't seen any whenever I've looked at my bottle. That makes it even cool now!

    1. There are so many different kinds of glitter, it certainly would be easy to miss them!


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