Sunday, January 11, 2015

Formula X for Sephora Infamous Swatches

Our desktop is back up and running (for now)!  I've had these photos for a while now and just haven't gotten around to editing them, so I apologize in advance since I know I won't remember some of the details for this particular nail of the day...
I believe this swatch shows two coats (it may have been three) of Formula X for Sephora Infamous.  Sephora calls Infamous a teal and purple metallic, but I disagree.  The base color is gunmetal grey and it shifts from a muted purple to what I would call a sage green, depending on the lighting.  Definitely not teal, but still very pretty!  As you can see, it has a lovely shimmer and a fantastic shift.  There are some brush strokes showing in the pictures, but they aren't really noticeable in person.  I am pretty sure that I did not use a top coat for these photos since I knew I was going to pair this with something else.
Like I said, I knew I was going to be pairing this up with something else, and that something was OPI Comet in the Sky!  This is one coat, and it applied flawlessly.  A nice mix of small and large glitters with no need to fish or place them on the nail.  I loved the way the color shift and the iridescent glitter complemented each other.  My husband referred to it as "irides-ception."  Look at that bottle, ohmygoodness...  Swoon!  Comet in the Sky was a polish I've had my eye on since it was released in the 2014 holiday collection, and my mom just happened to pick it out as part of my Christmas gift.  I was really excited when I opened that box and saw something that I had really been wanting!  Infamous was also a Christmas gift (by way of a Sephora gift card from my brother-in-law).  I hope you all had a great holiday season and new year!

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