Friday, January 16, 2015

SUPER BLACK Lacquers HBIC Swatches

Hey, guys!  Today I'm really excited to show you another shade from SUPER BLACK Lacquer!  I have had my eye on this one for a long time, but seeing as how I don't have infinite disposable income and Natalie has SO many beautiful selections, this one had to wait.
These swatches show three coats of HBIC with one coat of Sally Hansen 30 Second top coat.  I included a blurry shot so you could see the holo better.  HBIC went on smoothly, with no need to fish for or place glitters. It did require three coats to build up to full opacity, but you could probably get away with one or two coats if you layered it over blue creme undies.  The official description of HBIC is a sheer blue-violet polish, chock full of every size of gold holographic glitter.  The blue definitely leans a bit warm, but not enough that I would call it violet.  I am not a huge fan of gold, but the blue kind of mellows it out and makes it seem less harsh.  And since it's holo glitter, you get flashes of other colors and it's not JUST gold.  The holo makes all the difference in my opinion.  I definitely am not put off by the gold in this as a person who prefers silver tones.  I really like it, actually, and I feel like I would not like a similar combination with regular, non-holo glitter at all.

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