Monday, January 19, 2015

Rainbow Honey January 2015 Mini Mystery Bag Swatches

Today I've got a lot of stuff to talk about!  I recently subscribed to the Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag, which is the sole exception to my 100 day no-buy.  Not wanting to miss out, I also purchased the January bag separately from my subscription.  I received the January bag on Saturday, and today I'm going to talk about everything that was in it.
The January Mystery Bag is still available for purchase at the time of this writing on the Rainbow Honey website.  You can choose mini sizes or full-size products.  It includes a lip scrub, lip balm, soap, and a nail polish in the Lemon Sorbet scent, in addition to two unscented nail colors.  The soap and nail polish smell a little different than the lip balm and scrub.  The lip products have a bit of a sweeter smell, like a lemon cake.  Maybe vanilla?  In any case, all of them smell fantastic.  I am a big fan of citrus scents, so I am all about Lemon Sorbet!
The lip scrub and balm are nice.  The scrub gently buffs away flaky bits and leaving the lips supple.  The lip balm goes on smoothly and feels refreshing.  The soap lathers nicely and seems to nourish skin as it cleanses.  Iowa isn't known for having nice weather this time of year (though it has been unseasonably nice this week), so harsh soaps are an absolute no-go for me during the winter.

The nail colors included in the January bag are Rosey Bot, Lemon Sorbet, and Dirty Martini.  As you may have already guessed, Lemon Sorbet is the scented one of the bunch. 

Rainbow Honey Dirty Martini - Swatches show three shades of Dirty Martini with two coats of OPI How Great is Your Dane? and one coat of Lemon Sorbet for an accent nail.  I topped the whole thing with Sally Hansen 30 Second top coat.  There is a slight blue shimmer in this shade in addition to the small brown glitters, which I haven't seen anybody else mention.  I love the shimmer and the complexity it adds to the shade.  You can see it a little in the first swatch, but I've taken the liberty of zooming in and circling it below so you can see it better.  Be sure to click on the image to see it bigger!  I have seen others say that they weren't impressed with Dirty martini, but it is actually my favorite of the three!
Unfortunately, I only had awesome sunshine in the morning when I took this first set of photos!  Once I was ready to swatch Rosey Bot, the clouds had covered up the sun and it was really dreary.  Sadly, the other swatches won't be as bright and nice as Dirty Martini up here.
Rainbow Honey Rosey Bot - Swatch shows two coats of Rosey Bot with Sally Hansen 30 Second top coat.  I hate to say it, but Rosey Bot was a bit of a letdown for me.  I thought I was going to love it, but I just don't like it on me.  It was a bit gloopy and difficult to work with (maybe I got a bad bottle?), and I feel like it does something weird to my skintone and makes me look sickly.  It reminds me of sherbet, which I love, but it's just not for me.
Rainbow Honey Lemon Sorbet - Now we come to Lemon Sorbet, which is a sheer, iridescent shimmer.  I have a hard time classifying it as a single color because there are several colors in at and it looks different depending on how you wear it.  If you wear it solo (index finger, three coats), it's sort of a greenish gold.  If you wear it over white (middle finger, one coat over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On), the pink and purple is more prominent.  Over black (ring finger, one coat over two coats Orly Liquid Vinyl), it definitely seems more gold, maybe even a little coppery.  Over purple (pinkie finger, one coat over Ginger + Liz I'm So Over Him), it's a mix of cool and warm shimmer.  This would be great to use for an accent nail if you work somewhere that you aren't allowed to or aren't comfortable with wearing bright manis.  This is also scented with this month's Lemon Sorbet fragrance, which is light and citrusy and wonderful, as I mentioned before.

Over all, I definitely think the mini mystery bag was worth $10 plus shipping, and I'm excited to see what's coming in February!  Do you get any subscription services like Rainbow Honey?


  1. I like Lemon Sorbet!

    1. It's really pretty, and so versatile as a topper! The lovely scent is a nice bonus. Thanks for reading!


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