Monday, January 26, 2015

Safety Issues Surrounding Neon Pigments

Hi, guys! Today I'm going to talk some more about a pretty serious issue: neon pigments in cosmetics.  Neon pigments (that is, colors that are UV-responsive) are NOT approved for use in the eye area. The dyes used to create UV-responsive colors can cause adverse reactions when used in the eye area, even sometimes negatively affecting the wearer's eyesight. There are many sellers out there, large- and small-scale that create and sell neon products and, appropriately, advising consumers that the colorants are not FDA-approved for eye use and not to apply them on or around the eye area. There are other sellers out there, however, that have no such warning.  It is all too easy to buy some jars, slap a handwritten "100% Natural" label on them, and dump soap dyes in them for resale.  I wrote about this a few years back, in regard to a specific company, when this seemed to be happening fairly frequently.  I noticed yesterday that I got a significant amount of hits from a Reddit thread last year questioning a newer company that appeared to be selling soap dyes as eyeshadow.  That company is still operating and selling neon pigments as eyeshadows, so I thought it was an important topic to bring up again.  Always do your research.  I wouldn't want anybody out there unwittingly causing themselves harm just to glow under a blacklight for a few hours.  You can view my list of brands I do not support to see a handful of companies doing this, and other sketchy stuff.  Always be wary of thing like this - especially when it comes to things you wear on or around the eye area - and research everything that seems too good to be true.  Stay safe out there!

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