Monday, February 16, 2015

FingerPaints Picnic in the Park Collection Swatches

*Press Sample*

Hello, everybody!  I hope you guys enjoyed the Valentine-themed posts last week.  We're going to start this week on a very picture-heavy note because FingerPaints generously provided me with samples of the Picnic in the Park collection to share with you!  This is the nail mail I posted about late Tuesday night last week, and let me tell you, it was incredibly hard for me not to forgo the Valentine theme and post them sooner.  Click through to see all the swatches!
The FingerPaints Picnic in the Park collection will be available for a limited time exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores during March and April 2015.  It consists of four fun creme polishes and two glitter toppers.

FingerPaints One in a Melon - This is a really bright melon pink creme shown here at two coats.  I would describe the formula as crellyish; it's a bit sheer, but not at all streaky and wonderfully self-leveling.  Application was an absolute breeze.  One in a Melon looked red in the promo image, so I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled this color out of the box.  It's not something I would normally pick for myself, but I love how bright and cheery it is!
FingerPaints Sweet Spring - This is a soft, blossom pink shown here at two coats.  Self-leveling and not streaky just like One in a Melon, but more on the sheer side.  One coat would be great for a wash of pink in a traditional french manicure.  Pinks like this are generally not my cup of tea, but I'll admit I liked this color a lot more than I thought I would!
FingerPaints Grassy Knoll - This is a Spring green shown here at two coats.  Again, no streaks and beautifully self-leveling.  Not as sheer as Sweet Spring, but not as opaque as One in a Melon.  This is probably the only color out of the cremes that I would have picked out for myself.
FingerPaints Frosty Lemonade - This is, appropriately, a lemony yellow creme shown here at two coats.  I quite like this color, but unfortunately it doesn't share the formula of the other cremes in this collection.  It drags if you go over the same place twice, and it doesn't self-level quite as well as the others.  Application issues are common with yellows, though, and it does even out with a carefully-applied third coat.
FingerPaints You're So Antsy - This is a mix of matte black and white square, hex, and circle glitters in a clear base.  No formula issues with this one; glitter load, distribution, and suspension were all great.  Swatch shows one coat of You're So Antsy over Grassy Knoll.  This is another one that I probably would have picked out for myself.

FingerPaints Picnic Blanket - This is a mix of matte white and red square glitters in a base that I think is supposed to be clear.  Mine has a slight pink tinge to the base, which I suspect may be color transfer from the red glitters.  It was also sort of gloopy, and took a bit of fishing and placing for the glitters.  The size and shape of the glitters wasn't great for me, either, as I have very small nail beds and the glitters refused to lay flat on the sides of my nails.  If you were very patient, you could do a checkerboard design with the glitters and it would be adorable.  Swatch shows one coat of Picnic Blanket over Frosty Lemonade.
I want to note that I did not use a base or top coat for any of these swatches, for the sake of consistency.  As has become the norm, the first photo from each set is taken in outdoor lighting, the second is taken in HD fluorescent lighting from my Ottlite, and the third is regular incandescent lighting.  Overall, while nothing is terribly unique, I do think this is a solid collection.  If you don't already have anything like them, I would definitely recommend One in a Melon, Sweet Spring, Grassy Knoll, and You're So Antsy!  Will you be picking up any of these?


  1. Great swatches! But no. One in a Melon is definitely the stand out but it is still too sheer & ordinary for me to consider buying.

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean. The colors aren't terribly unique, and there are undoubtedly more opaque versions of them out there. Personally, though, I didn't have any dupes and I was happy to add these to my collection. I also don't mind a bit of VNL if the formula is crelly/jelly-ish -- I almost feel like you could do a jelly sandwich with these (aside from Frosty Lemonade), but I haven't tried it yet.


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