Friday, February 20, 2015

Rainbow Honey February 2015 Mini Mystery Bag Swatches

Hey, guys!  I've got another big post for you today.  Last month, I subscribed to the Rainbow Honey Mini Mystery Bag, which was to be the sole exception to my 100 day no-buy.  Looking forward to these amazing colors really helps curb the desire to buy everything I see!  The February Mystery Bag is, unfortunately, already sold out.  It included three nail polishes, a scented cuticle balm, perfume oil, and foot massage lotion.  This month's fragrance was carnival candy, and it's a light, sugary-sweet smell that is reminiscent of cotton candy.  I found that the perfume oil had a much lighter fragrance than the lotion and the cuticle balm and faded pretty quickly for me, but I'm not much for perfumes in the first place so that didn't really bother me.  The foot lotion was fantastic.  I stand pretty much my entire shift at work, so my feet are usually pretty weary by the time I get home.  This is especially true if I run errands before or after work and/or work through my break.  I used a small amount of the massage lotion on each foot, and it really felt great on my poor, neglected feet.  The cuticle balm seems to moisturize really intensely, which is great because we've been having cold, dry weather here and it's been really difficult to keep my cuticles in check.  Click through to see what else I got!
The nail colors included in the February bag are Glow Cloud, Tsukimi, and Crimson Nebula.

Rainbow Honey Glow Cloud - Glow Cloud is a clear base (it has a light lavender tinge in the bottle, but it doesn't apply with any discernible color) filled with shimmer and glitter flakes.  I didn't expect it to, but this one actually turned out to be my favorite of the bunch.  From left to right, this is one coat of Glow cloud over Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sinful Colors Dream On, Butter London Giddy Kipper, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On.  You can see I got a large flake that didn't lay flat on my pinkie nail, but I feel like that was just a stray that snuck in somehow.  Fantastic formula with this one.  No fishing or placing of glitters necessary.  I especially loved the way this looked over black!
Rainbow Honey Tsukimi - Tsukimi is a lovely magenta jelly base packed with glitters in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, shown here at two coats.  My favorite were the holographic triangles, but not many of those came out for this application.  Sad face.  My bottle of Tsukimi was sort of gloopy, which made it a bit of a challenge to apply.  It dries with a slightly bumpy texture due to all the glitter, and it is very hungry for top coat!  I used two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top for the first photo (both indoor shots show without top coat), and it still wasn't completely smoothed out.
Rainbow Honey Crimson Nebula - Crimson Nebula is a pink-leaning red jelly with scattered holo glitter, shown here at two coats.  It was pretty thick, but not enough that it was difficult to apply.  It's a really pretty color; it's pretty similar to SUPER BLACK Lacquers Slap Happy, which I absolutely adore.  Slap Happy is a true red, though, and has several different types of glitter, where Crimson Nebula appears to have just one type of glitter.

All swatches show direct sunlight in the first photo, HD fluorescent lighting in the second photo, and incandescent lighting in the last photo.  I did not use any top coat with Glow Cloud, and Crimson Nebula and Tsukimi show top coat in the first photo only.  What do you think of this trio?

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