Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SUPER BLACK Lacquers Blitz Swatches

Hello, there!  Today, I've got another polish that was on my wish list for a long time before I managed to snap it up.  Blitz was released as part of the Summer 2013 collection, alongside Plip and Dusted, which I've swatched previously.  Click through to see the rest of the swatches!
Swatches show two coats of SUPER BLACK Lacquers Blitz with one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  First photo shows outdoor lighting without sun, second shows HD fluorescent lighting using an Ottlite, and the last photo shows regular indoor incandescent lighting.  You can probably deduce from the photos that this is pretty subdued indoors and amazing sparkly goodness in more optimal lighting.  I was really impressed with this formula.  I know, I know, shocker (SBLs always have good formulas).  This one, though, I was expecting to be on the sheer side, maybe even have a bit of drag here and there.  How could a full-fledged, two-coat creme let all that glitter peek through?  It had to be more of a crelly, I thought.  Nope!  Perfectly opaque in just two easy coats with plenty of glitter.  No need to fish for glitters or place them.  As is common with heavily-glittered polishes, Blitz didn't dry completely smooth.  It probably could have benefited from a second layer of top coat just for smoothing purposes, but it was gorgeous anyway.  If you've been looking for a galaxy-in-a-bottle, this one is solid!  How do you feel about Blitz?

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